Best Ideas For Business 2019

Are you tired of work that brings you neither money nor satisfaction and does not allow you to grow and develop? The best option is to launch a small business. No one offers you to quit your job. You can try to combine your small business with the main work. Yes, it is not easy at all. It is difficult to understand where to start, how to come up with a business idea, how to develop it properly, etc. But perseverance and hard work will help you build a successful business with minimal investment. We have selected the best ideas for business in 2019.

21 business ideas for beginners – how to launch a startup in 2019?

1. Open a commission shop

This idea will always be relevant. It’s quite a profitable option, especially if you will sell things in the luxury segment. You can create a store on the Internet, for example, on Instagram. Of course, you will need to work on the promotion of your store but believe me, the time spent will be rewarded in full. You will receive a commission from each item sold. The success of this project depends solely on your activity, SMM-management skills, as well as the time you are willing to spend on the implementation of this idea. This option is more suitable for girls who know how to sell things. The great advantage is that you do not need money to open a store in the network. Over time, you can open a real store.

2. Open an eco-shop, a store of unusual household utensils, imported delicacies, children’s clothing store, a store of bags and shoes

Again, you can start with an online store. To do this, you will need to create an account on Instagram or e-commerce platforms, create a quality website. But if you have funds, you can open a real store – rent a room, purchase all the necessary equipment, hire a seller and accountant, etc. The main thing is to find responsible suppliers of quality products from which you can buy goods at reasonable prices. You can order clothes, bags and shoes. In addition, you can consider the option of dropshipping. We are talking about the sale of goods by the supplier to the dealer without the need to purchase the product itself. That is, the goods will be sent to the buyer directly from the supplier’s warehouse, and you will pay the supplier for the goods only after your customer receives goods and pays for them. It is very convenient because you do not need to invest in the purchase of goods.

A real store is quite a laborious option; doing business online is much easier. If you promote your store, you will succeed.

3. Open a translation agency

It’s interesting but not a new idea. You can start with small things — create a quality website, recruit qualified freelance translators, and develop an effective marketing strategy. Over time, if your business develops and grows, you will be able to rent office space, hire in-house translators, editors, support staff, etc.

At the initial stage, you will have to attract the audience with low prices, because the competition in this industry is quite serious. In addition, you must select responsible, competent, professional translators. If you do not understand this question yourself, you will have to ask for help from relatives, friends, and colleagues. In addition, you need to conduct an effective advertising campaign in social networks, as well as in the real world – in universities, schools, etc.

You should not spend a lot of time and money on the implementation of this idea. The main thing is to provide the client with high-quality translation at an affordable price. Of course, a translation agency will not bring you much money, but the profit of a decent office will already be quite impressive.

4. Open an event agency

Today, no graduation, birthday, or even baby shower is complete without Candy Bar, photo zone, themed jewelry and other modern attributes of any celebration. If you like holidays and know how to properly organize the process; if you are a creative, responsible, disciplined and sociable person, then this option is for you. You can start small and then as your small business grows, you can open a serious agency with a trendy office and an impressive staff. You can promote your mini-agency with the help of social networks and word of mouth. The main thing is to find good partners who will do their job efficiently and on time. The success of this option depends entirely on you.

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5. Cleaning service

According to experts, the cleaning services market feels rather well even in a crisis, and all because cleaning of the premises is in demand both by commercial organizations and private clients. Most companies have already abandoned the maintenance of cleaners in the state and resort to the services of cleaning services. For this startup, you will need to open a company and collect staff, as well as purchase all the necessary detergents and equipment. At the initial stage, you can even do without renting an office, because all orders can be arranged via the Internet. The success of this business depends on the number of customers, but by average, all investments pay off in 2-3 months, subject to good advertising.

6. Open a recruitment agency

The recruitment agency is engaged in the selection of personnel for companies that either do not have their own HR-department, or they need outside help. There are a great many areas for recruiting – you can choose a specialization in the selection of working specialties or take courses and master more complex, technical recruiting and select engineers, which is a more difficult but much more highly paid challenge.

7. Open your own atelier

If you dreamed of becoming a fashion designer in childhood, you are interested in fashion and you understand something in cutting and sewing, then this option will suit you for sure. To launch a startup, you will need to spend money on renting a room, hiring a seamstress cutter, purchasing equipment (professional sewing machine, overlock, steamer, etc.), as well as purchasing fabrics.

You can be engaged in tailoring and repair of clothes, and also to make your own models. You can promote your offspring on Instagram. Now such studios are a great success. The payback period of your investment will be at least six months, but in the long run, if you manage to win the hearts of fashionistas with your models, this business can become very profitable. In the future, you can even reach a new level and start mass production of clothes. Of course, the option is ambiguous, because success depends on a large number of factors.

8. Open a photo studio

Today, it has become fashionable to do thematic photo shoots, but there are not so many beautiful studios, and the price of renting a studio is rather high. If you have a free apartment, you can make a photo studio out of it. You will need to make repairs, provide a good light, as well as purchase all the necessary props (cute little things, a beautiful sofa, etc.). Of course, it will take a lot of money – at least $500. If you don’t have an “extra” apartment, you can rent a room, but then we’ll be talking about a much larger amount.

Explore the market, chat with photographers, find out which backgrounds are most in demand. Carry out an effective marketing campaign, create accounts on social networks. At the initial stage, you can be an administrator in your studio and then hire a person to this place. In general, it’s a pretty good option that pays off in 3-6 months (depending on the amount of the initial investment). Such a business can bring you a very good income. Success depends solely on your desire to work.

9. Rental service of evening and wedding dresses

Not everyone can afford to buy an expensive dress to wear at a photo shoot, graduation party, wedding or any other event. So you can launch a rental service for evening and wedding dresses. It’s a good option for women and girls who understand fashion and have a sense of style. First, you will need to rent a room, purchase hangers, steamers, mirrors, etc. You do not need to buy new dresses; you can buy used dresses in excellent condition. The main thing is to choose an assortment, as well as to ensure good advertising. You can negotiate with wedding agencies, event agencies, photographers, customers. Create accounts in social networks, advertise on the Internet, write a site. The recoupment of this project will not be fast – 3-5 months. However, in the long run, such a business can bring you a very good income if you do it right!

10. Massage studio or beauty salon

The beauty industry is quite popular and in spite of the high level of competition, opening your own massage salon or beauty salon remains profitable. This business requires investment. You will need to rent a room, purchase all the necessary equipment and find professionals in the field of beauty. With the right choice of location, owning a beauty salon can bring a good income.

11. Open a hostel

An increasing number of tourists prefer to stay in hostels because they do not want to overpay for hotels. If your city has many tourists, then you can open a hostel. If you have a spare apartment, then you can safely make a hostel for 10-20 beds. For starters, you will have to purchase bunk beds and lockers. Also, you should arrange a kitchen area with a minimum set of household appliances. Make sure your hostel has a good Wi-Fi. Of course, you also need to think about the administrator, maid and accountant. Also, you will have to find a common language with your neighbors (sometimes it can be quite difficult). Pay special attention to marketing and advertising. You will need to place ads on all relevant sites, forums. The payback of such a project is about six months, but in the long run, it promises to grow into a very profitable business.

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12. Open a nursery

If you love animals, then perhaps you will like the idea of creating a nursery. It’s an excellent option for people living in a private house or in the village. You can breed purebred dogs, cats, decorative rabbits, etc. For a startup, you will need to purchase a purebred animal with a good pedigree, suitable for breeding. Of course, purebred animals are expensive. In addition, you need to equip your pet’s habitat, provide your pet with everything you need, and learn how to properly care for animals, breed standards, and find a good veterinarian. With the right approach, your pet will have the first cubs in a few months. You can sell a purebred animal through social networks, e-commerce platforms, resort to the help of your friends and relatives. As your “nursery staff” expands, your earnings will increase. The success of your business will be determined by the time that you will give to your pets, as well as the quality of care for animals.

13. Furniture business

It’s a great option for men who know how to work with wood. If you live in a village or in a private house, then you can accept orders for wooden furniture. These author’s products are quite expensive. The main thing is your desire to work, develop new equipment, listen and hear your customer, the ability to perform work efficiently and on time. This option requires minimal investment, except for the cost of advertising and raw materials. It’s a very promising option because the author’s handmade furniture is now popular. In the future, a small business can grow into a small furniture factory.

14. Helium balloon delivery service

Today, probably, no children’s holiday is complete without helium balloons. In addition, it has become fashionable to order balloons for adult holidays. Today’s variety of balloons is amazing and they are cheap enough. In order to start a business, you need to buy a balcony with helium and purchase the most popular balloon models. You can create a website, sell balloons through Instagram, as well as an e-commerce platform. Your success will depend on the quality and originality of your product, as well as on your ability to promote accounts in social networks. It’s a pretty good business option with minimal investment.

15. Create a news site

It’s a good option to make money on the Internet. We have to admit that this option cannot guarantee you success, however, if you are lucky, you can earn good money. The essence of this idea is to monetize the traffic of your website using the Google AdSense affiliate program. In addition, you can make money by placing ads on your news site (this is a Google AdWords program). For each click, you will receive on average from a few cents to 1 dollar. Of course, it is not so easy to bring the site to the top, but in general, it is quite possible if you approach this issue wisely. First of all, you will need to understand the working conditions of Google’s partner programs, write a quality website, find high-quality content, learn the basics of SEO, etc. At the initial stage, your earnings will barely exceed $20-40 per month. However, with the development of your project, its content and the growth of your traffic, you can easily reach the amount above $500 per month. The success of this idea is not guaranteed, you will have to sweat a lot, but this can eventually grow into a full-fledged business.

16. Business on Instagram

Instagram has become an excellent source of income. There are a huge variety of options for making money on Instagram. You can be engaged in promotion of accounts with the purpose of their subsequent sale. There are special programs that can automate this process, but you have to spend money on their acquisition. Accounts with a large number of subscribers can cost several hundred dollars. You can become a blogger and engage in the promotion of your own account in order to earn money on advertising. Bloggers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers can earn from 25 to 75 dollars for daily advertising. In addition, you can be offered barter advertising – they will send you clothes, shoes, products, offer free dinners in restaurants, free service in beauty salons, etc. Very popular bloggers can earn thousands of dollars a month (excluding income from barter advertising). Using special software, you can cheat subscribers and likes for money. You can work as SMM-manager. Such work requires certain knowledge and skills, but successful managers can earn hundreds of dollars a month having a single account.

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17. Lead channel on Youtube

I think many of you have heard about earning on YouTube through their affiliate program. To do this, you need your channel to be included in the monetization program. To do this, it must meet certain network criteria (we are talking about the number of subscribers, views, etc.). When you “grow to the level of YouTube,” before watching your videos, your channel visitors will be forced to watch a commercial as well, and you will receive your share of advertising revenue. On average, you can earn 1-2 dollars for every thousand views. Of course, the success of your channel depends entirely on yourself. Very few channels are wildly popular and also boast millions of views. In addition, you must be very creative, be able to interest the public, be able to competently and coherently express your thoughts, as well as possess the skills of installation. In general, it’s quite an ambiguous option. On the one hand, no investment is required, but on the other hand, the success of this undertaking is absolutely not guaranteed.

18. Delivery of healthy sweets

Today, healthy nutrition has become fashionable. The myth that healthy food cannot be tasty has been successfully debunked. Accordingly, services for the delivery of healthy food, as well as healthy sweets, are in special demand. We are talking about all sorts of raw food sweets, chia-pudding, “right” ice cream, etc. You can find recipes for such dishes on the Internet, and they are cooked very simply and quickly. You will only need to spend money on ingredients and packaging. You can deliver your goods by mail, through taxi drivers or offer your customers a pickup service. It’s a great option for women and girls who love and know how to cook. At the initial stage, you can sell your products through Instagram. These accounts are popular with women who want to eat something tasty without harm to the figure and health. If you can competently promote your service, you can expand your production, sell your goods in supermarkets and eco-shops, and maybe someday open your shop.

19. Flower business

Flower business is the dream of many women. However, you can hardly surprise anyone with the usual flower shop. But the phloromat is a completely different matter. The idea is fresh, fashionable, probably one of the most promising for a startup. The success of your business will depend directly on the location of your machine. You will need to take care that it is located in a busy place, ideally in the subway, in shopping centers, at the airport, at the train station, in the supermarket. Of course, you will have to invest to buy directly the vending machine itself, which costs about $1,000-$2,000 depending on the model. Also, you will need to regularly buy flowers. You can find a reliable supplier and buy flowers at wholesale prices.

20. Production and delivery of unusual bouquets

Nowadays, unusual bouquets are especially popular. These are bouquets of fruits, vegetables, sweets, toys, and even cheeses and sausages. You can search for ideas on the Internet and sell finished products on Instagram. This option does not require large start-up costs, but you should be aware of the promotion of accounts in social networks. Also, you will need to consider an advertising campaign. You can deliver bouquets by mail, through taxi drivers or offer customers a pickup service. It’s an easy way to make good money. Over time, your small business can grow into something more.

21. Soap making

Beautiful soap can be a great gift to a friend or acquaintance. In order to succeed in this field, you need to come up with a truly unique, interesting design. Special skills are not required, you can get acquainted with the technology of soap making using the Internet. The initial investment will be minimal. Also, take care of the promotion of your online store and beautiful packaging. The success of this option depends solely on your creativity, as well as on your desire to earn.


It is quite difficult and exciting to launch our own small business. Many people are afraid of difficulties, fear of failure, as well as self-doubt. But after all, the ability to take responsibility, work for the result, think two steps forward, and also believe in yourself and in your strength can allow you to earn big money, as well as enjoy your work. We have selected the most promising options for how to launch a startup with minimal investment in 2019. All you have to do is implement the idea that you like most! Do not be afraid, believe in yourself, work and everything will work out for you!

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