Top 10 Most Successful Startups

Startups are a great opportunity for investors to earn profits where there is no fierce competition, and the creators of an idea can realize it with the support of influential and rich people. New products and developments regularly appear in the world, but the most successful of them have already won a place in the business industry. We decided to present you the TOP 10 most famous and profitable startups in the world.

Top 10 most successful startups in the world

10. ThousandEyes

ThousandEyes is a cloud service for monitoring and analytic processing of large amounts of data. Such well-known technology companies like Evernote, Jive, Zynga recognized the timeliness of the project and the quality of its service, starting to cooperate with ThousandEyes.

Unlike many established business projects that are on this list, ThousandEyes can be called a real startup. This is a promising project that continues to evolve. ThousandEyes was founded by programmers from the University of California Ricardo Oliveira and Mohit Ice. In 2014, after 4 years of the project’s existence, it began to grow sharply. When Sequoia Capital became investors of the startup, the cost of ThousandEyes increased 4 times.

The fact that even Twitter engineers use ThousandEyes to monitor the state of their cloud storage and servers tells about the popularity and quality of the service.

9. Handy

The company is engaged in a revolutionary “cloud” software designed to manage a large team. With the help of software from Zenefits, HR department managers are able to keep electronic records of hiring, salary, insurance, etc. In addition, the service provides access to this information from anywhere on the planet.

Zenefits was founded by businessman Parker Conrad in 2013. In just one year, the project turned from an unknown startup into a rapidly growing business, estimated at $650 million. The company’s investors include Andreessen Horowitz and other leading Silicon Valley venture capital funds. Zenefits now serves more than 2,000 corporate clients.

7. AdRoll

AdRoll is one of the brightest marketing projects of recent years. The startup is working on mobile retargeting – a service for tracking and analyzing consumer behavior on different platforms and devices from a marketing point of view. In 2014, the company received $70 million in investments. Its shareholders are important venture capital funds, including the well-known Accel Partners.

6. Lyft

In April 2014, Lyft successfully attracted investments in the amount of $250 million. This online taxi service shows a more dynamic development than its main competitor Uber. The company originated in San Francisco in 2013 and in just one year expanded its activities to more than 30 US states. Of course, this led to the attention of reputable investors. Alibaba, Third Point, Horowitz and Founders Fund – the list of Lyft shareholders is truly impressive. In the future, the company plans to penetrate the international market.

5. The Honest Company

In 2011, Hollywood actress Jessica Alba decided to create her own company for the production of environmentally friendly children’s hygiene products and cosmetics. For 4 years, the project has become very popular among its target audience – young mummies. Jessica Alba plays a very important role in the marketing plan: she is the face of the brand, she constantly uses her goods and always finds time to communicate with customers.

The Honest Company has invested more than $120 million. At the same time, the company is very highly valued in Silicon Valley: it is financed by the funds of Iconiq Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and others.


In 2014, this electronic cigarette manufacturing company, which occupies 30% of the US market, held the third round of negotiations with well-known funds and businessmen, after which it managed to attract $70 million. Investors of NJOY include a billionaire Peter Thiel, ex-Facebook president Shawn Parker, Morgan Stanley, and Brookside Capital. The company has been operating since 2006 and its development is promoted by the global tightening of anti-tobacco laws. Today, the market for electronic cigarettes in the USA is estimated at about $2 billion.

The uniqueness of the NJOY project is due to a large selection of flavors of virtual tobacco. Fans of the company also praise the unique design of the cigarette, because even non-smoking people do not want to let it out of their hands.

3. Pure Storage

Data analysis and storage is one of the key areas for the development of IT technologies. Sophisticated projects are highly demanded in this area and investor attention does not focus only on the well-known Dropbox. Therefore, the Pure Storage service, which serves corporate clients, almost doubled its cost in 2014.

The company was founded by John Hayes, John Colgrove and Scott Dietzen. Pure Storage produces fixed flash drives with a capacity of up to 250 terabytes. In fact, it is a flash drive with software that can be connected to the cloud storage and thereby speed up the work of virtual servers. The publication of The Wall Street Journal called Pure Storage the “Innovation of the Year”. The partners of the project are Greylock Partners, T. Rowe Price Associates, and Tiger Global.

2. Airbnb

This is a project that you have surely heard about, even if you are not interested in business. Airbnb is a fast and convenient service by which tourists can rent accommodation directly from the owners, without contacting various agencies.

In 2014, the project attracted $500 million in funding, after which its value increased to $10 billion. The founders of the company, Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharzik and Joe Gebbia, immediately gained the status of billionaires.

Airbnb is considered the market leader in a co-consumption economy. The service includes 1.5 million properties in 190 countries. During the existence of the company, its services have been used by more than 11 million people.

1. Uber

The online taxi call service Uber belongs to startups only by formal criteria. Despite the fact that the company is only six years old and it has not yet become public, Uber has long become a serious business, which, by the end of 2014, received $2 billion in investments. The company’s weekly revenue is about $20 million, and its founder, Travis Kalanik, has been included in various ratings for the richest people in the world for several years. Uber hate traditional taxi services, but they are very fond of customers. The service allows passengers to find free drivers on their own and pay for them online. The company’s capabilities are not limited to taxi services. Uber plans to enter other markets, for which the main role is played by thoughtful logistics – food delivery, courier transportation, postal services, etc.

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