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The best idea for a startup is born when you are an expert in a particular area and you observe certain problems or shortcomings that need to be solved every day. Thanks to a strong desire to improve something, innovations and projects appear.

After the idea appeared, you need to find a partner. We do not recommend starting a startup with your own efforts only. You need to search a partner necessarily. Moreover, it should be a person who is passionate about your ideas and who fully shares it. For example, you have familiar founders involved in the development of quite complex projects, but at the same time they do it themselves and doubt their abilities. For an investor, the risk is significantly increased if a single person is involved in a startup, not a team. In addition, finding a partner is also a good test of your own strength. If you can convince one person that the project has potential, you can convince others.How to Launch a Startup_

The next stage is the search for resources, funds. With your own funds, you can create what we call the “minimum work product” that validates your most important hypotheses. For example, you had a hypothesis that there is a certain problem that your product will solve and someone will be ready to pay for it. Take the minimal hypothesis as a basis, without additional functions and “tricks”, and launch it on the market.

Contact the investor only after receiving reviews and ratings, first feedback and if there are some results in the form of upgrades or improvements. You can do anything without it, but pay attention to fact that the development will occur more slowly. Since today the competition is great, regardless of the field of activity, investments will help move faster. The standard condition for the development of a startup is a right investment. It is necessary to search for an investor very actively.

We also note that one of the most important stages in the development of a startup is its implementation. Even the idea is not as important as a competent implementation.

Be prepared for the fact that for a long time it will be difficult to realize your plans. Get ready for criticism and rejection. There will be a lot of rejections, but this does not mean that nothing will work out. It is an integral part of the process. We know a lot of successful entrepreneurs who already receive huge profits from their projects, who have undergone a very difficult way with mistakes and failures. It is impossible to realize it without failures, and this is normal. The main thing is to continue trying. You will succeed if there is a discipline and desire to be successful.