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Today, the word “startup” is widely known, but what does it mean? A start-up is a company that has just been created, perhaps it is not even legally registered. Often a new startup is built on the basis of a new technology or on an innovative idea.

After drawing up a detailed plan, it becomes much easier to navigate in the upcoming goals. First, answer yourself two important questions:

  • what is the uniqueness of the business? Your own business will be successful only if you have an idea that differs you from your competitors. It does not have to be new, but you need to find your unique selling proposition.
  • what differs your business from competitors, what can you offer, what others do not have? The whole startup strategy is based on these features.


It should be clearly understood for what you start your own business. The mission is important not only as part of the positioning of the future company but also as a means to motivate employees.

Development of a marketing strategy for a startup

Your own business requires consistent clear affairs. Marketing strategy – one of the most effective and important issues. It is a solid foundation for a startup. The marketing strategy necessarily includes items that we will discuss in more detail: finding your own niche in the market, competitor analysis, and target audience. It also includes clear criteria for measuring success, whether it is the number of subscribers or the net annual income.

Let’s look at startups that have become successful thanks to a good marketing strategy.

Details for marketing strategy

Business area. Carry out market research and find a sphere that is still underfilled. It is significant to assess the degree of relevance of the activity field. To do this, look at how a similar business is developing in Europe or America because their markets prevail among others. Decide whether you will offer a service or product, start with one name, or immediately launch a product line.

Do marketing research. It will determine the hot and cold range of competitors. Make a list and learn in detail the strengths and weaknesses of competing companies. SWOT-analysis will be useful. Once you understand the weaknesses of others, it is easier to understand what will allow you to stand out from the rest. The unique selling point is emphasized in the startup promotion strategy.

Highlight your target audience. It is important to understand who will use your products or services. First of all, it will help determine what you can offer the audience. Examine potential customers. Find out what fascinates them, how they make purchasing decisions, what budget they are ready to allocate for certain products or services. Find the main problems of buyers and think about how you can solve them. In addition, only on understanding the needs of the audience, you can competently build an advertising campaign that will hit the target. For a successful startup, promotion should be added to the budget at the stage of budgeting.

Determine the pricing policy. Choosing a pricing policy will help companies that have been already on the market. If you decide to work in the premium segment, prices may be higher than others. If you are relying on a mass audience, then it may be worthwhile to set prices lower than others, which will allow you to attract an audience. This is a mandatory step for a startup and the business plan should include it.

Write down your goals. It is necessary to set clear goals in order to make it easier to determine if you are moving in the right direction. First, write down short-term goals. At the beginning of the startup, there will be a lot of new discoveries that will make it possible to make adjustments to the overall strategy of the startup, and the development will be controlled. A long-term positive result is formed with the help of small steps. Most often, short-term goals are set from 6 to 12 months. Long-term goals are formed from 2 to 5 years. Write down specific steps for their implementation.

Highlight the budget. The startup business plan must contain this item. How much money you are ready to allocate for business development depends on how the advertising campaign will be formed, how expensive the design will be, how many staff will be.

Getting an investment. Based on the existing budget, determine how much you do not have enough for high-quality promotion and engage in attracting investors. To work with investors will require competent related materials. Pay special attention to creating presentations of a product or service. It should contain slides about the uniqueness of the business, promotion strategy, target audience and advantages for investors.

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